What’s a Women’s Circle?

Maybe you’ve seen photos of a women’s circle online… a group of women seated in a circle, crossed-legged on pillows with a mandala of petals in the center? For a newbie, these photos can seem pretty intimidating. But this far from the case! Though trying new things can bring up uncomfortable feelings, if you push yourself to try a women’s circle I promise you’ll feel more comfort, acceptance, and kindness there than the most of the places you go.

Setting for a Mama Blessing hosted by @sagecircles

The first circle I ever attended was outside, in the forest of upstate New York. I had just learned about circling and I was curious. During my experience, I realized that a circle was simply an open and supportive setting to share what was on my heart. The same went for everyone else who attended. By the end we all felt lighter, happier, and connect to each other in an unspeakable way.

Since then, I have done some circling research and attended many more. With this foundation, I host my own women’s circles in-person and online. During the women’s circles I host, I will lead the women in a guided meditation, journal prompts, and conversation questions. At the end of each circle, the women have found connection with one another and leave with a sense of joy and mutual understanding.

Circling is an ancient practice that authentically brings people together. The time circle connects them by sharing experiences and holding unbiased space for one another. So now that you have more information, do you want to attend a circle?

If you are interested in attending an upcoming women’s circle, join the contact list here.