Why Coaching Will Work For You

Working Together Is Key

YOU ARE AWESOME! You’ve most likely had awesome, inspiring goals for years. Goals that make you feel good when you imagine life after accomplishing them. So why has it been so difficult to follow through? The answer is coaching and accountability. Humans are meant to be in community together and deserve to have people that can support their goals along the way. This is exactly what health and life coaching can do for you.

As a certified holistic health coach, I am trained to look at the entire picture of your life and help you find balance. I help make that long-term dream a current reality and I’m with you throughout the process. I provide the essential coaching and accountability necessary to become and expert on you in order to form the program to your specific needs. You will make life-long changes that will resonate for generations in your family.

As a client of mine, we will work together for a 6-month timespan. This timeframe is the proven amount of time to turn daily habits into a lifestyle. I will help keep you on track and encouraged through the entire journey. Everything you choose to share remains confidential. Our meetings are a safe space to focus on what is truly important. You will be uplifted, supported, and guided so you can re-energize and embrace holistic health in your awesome life.


Why Clients Recommend Coaching with Hailey:

“The 6 months I spent in health coaching were some of the most introspective and encouraging times in my life. If you are looking to grow towards a healthier more balanced individual, I highly recommend Hailey!” –Rachel E.

“Try [coaching]! You will learn new aspects of yourself and learn to recognize the source of your emotions or why you react a certain way to challenging circumstances.” –Kim R.

Why I became a health coach

In 2016 I was researching the internet for ideas that would inspire the future of my career path. By divine intervention, I stumbled upon the website for the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. This is where I first dove into the idea of becoming a health coach. “Health Coach…” hmm this was something I had never heard of so I poked around online. I found that I was drawn to the idea of becoming a health coach. But after finding out the time and monetary commitment I, too quickly, assumed it probably wasn’t for me. But a seed was planted!

Fast forward to 2018, and I happened to be back on the IIN website without any recollection of the incident in 2016. I am pretty sure I went through the same steps that I had the last time. Read testimonials, looked into the course requirements, and dug a little deeper. At this point my passion for health was at an all-time high and I had just finished reading an inspirational book. In this book I learned the concept that money is energy and the less you clench down on money, the more easily it flows. So this time when I got to the payment page, I was sold.

Now, I am proud to say that I am a graduate of IIN and an active, practicing health coach. I enjoy this career more than I could have ever imagined. In the few months that I have been practicing, I have seen more change in my clients and the people around me than I could ever thought possible. I believe that divine intervention luckily found me twice and made sure I became a holistic health coach. This time, it may be divine intervention that has brought you to my site to read these words. If this resinates with you, please fill out the free health history form below and see for yourself if health coaching is right for you.