My Health Journey

Energy matters. It matters so much that I have devoted my life for the past five years to gaining my energy back and taking health into my own hands. Five years ago my energy was the lowest it has ever been. So much so that I voluntarily went to the doctor’s office to get a blood analysis because I truly believed that I was gravely sick. But when the analysis came back and told me that I was completely healthy I was horrified.

How could I be so supposedly healthy and feel so bad. I had extreme brain fog, lethargy, weakness, and felt that every passion I’d once had had drained from my body. There was NO way I wanted to spend the rest of my life feeling like that. And remembering the energy and vibrance I felt as a child was the only factor motivating me to not settle for dis-ease.

Since then I have researched, studied, trial/error/succeeded, and listened to my body. My beloved energy is back and is growing more each day. I discovered that health is a journey not a destination and that all of us deserve a chance take back our energy to take on our dream lives.